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Live Life Philosophy

The Live Life Philosophy is Life Coach Suzi April's response to living life without direction. As the Live Life Coach, her life's work is getting people to set goals and achieve them to Live Life. Better.

It all starts with the Live Life Philosophy. The Live Life Philosophy begins with you acknowledging that you have the potential to Live Life with a greater sense of happiness, confidence, balance and peace--then shows you how it's done.

Once you accept that truth, the Live Life Philosophy encourages the personal development and growth necessary for effective change. Not just a mantra, the philosophy is backed by concrete tools, strategies, and resources. By building a foundation based on your values and goals, the philosophy makes you responsible for who you want to be, where you want to go and everything that happens in your life.

Exploring what drives you and tapping into your internal source of knowledge and wisdom, Suzi guides you to learn new habits of thought and action that give you the power to make choices to LIVE LIFE based on what serves you best.

Basic Principles of LLP:
    •    Develop a Strong Personal Foundation
    •    Continually Learn and Grow Every Day
    •    Seek Possibilities and Opportunities
    •    Take Full Responsibility for Yourself and Your Life
    •    Commit to take Tiny Positive Action Steps Every Day
    •    Attitude of Gratitude
    •    Practice Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)  :)

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