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Here are 5 basic tips to help you create a shift in the moment:

  1. Hit the PAUSE Button – Just like on a remote control, you want to PAUSE. By pausing you give yourself the opportunity to recognize you are caught up in the situation and reacting to the circumstances.
  2. Take a BREATH - Focus on your breath for a moment. By doing this you are breaking the pattern. This simply activity can help you to relax and then determine what you want to do next.
  3. Ground yourself. Being grounded means being fully present: physically, emotionally and energetically. Your mind is not wandering and it gives you a greater sense of clarity. (stay tuned for tips on How to be Grounded)
  4. Take a mini holiday: Close your eyes and picture a situation or place that feels peaceful and rejuvenating. Engage all of your senses and enjoy the moment.
  5. Set Your Intention- Now that you have taken time to shift out of the situation and are present to the moment, check in and ask yourself, “what is my intention, what do I chose to do, how do I chose to be?” Setting an intention makes your choice concrete.

Once you have a clear intention, go forth and create what you want. Each time you find yourself reacting to a situation or feeling triggered, return to these 5 basic steps.

It is important to acknowledge that you can only change yourself and... it happens one step at a time. The more you practice, the more natural it will become. It takes commitment, desire and practice, but Shift Happens.

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