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Meet Live Life Coach Suzi April

I have more than 25 years of experience in the field of personal growth and human development and have been coaching clients professionally for over 15 years. My original training began in 1998 at Coach U with the founder of Coaching, Thomas Leonard. At this time coaching was a new concept, and I feel fortunate to have been present at the birth of a profession that inspires and empowers.

My coaching education has included some excellent teachers and masters in the Coaching industry, including Bobette Reeder, Executive Business and Life Coach, Terri Levine, Guru Coach and Founder of The Coach Institute, and extensive training with Kathy Pike, focusing on Energy Body Awareness. Additionally, I trained with Arjuna Ardagh, author and founder of Awakening Coaching.

My own personal life experience provides me with the unwavering certainty that I bring to my clients. This certainty is grounded in the absolute knowledge that when a client is committed to change shift happens. Experience your shift today with a complimentary coaching session.

Graduate, Coach U 2000
Graduate, Certified Awakening Coaching Training Graduate, Certified Ideal Body Coach with Terri LevineFounding member, CoachVille - Coach Training ProgramMember of International Coaching Federation
Training Director, Awakening Coaching 2009-2011
Participant in on-going classes, training, and self-development courses

Here is a sample of some of the types of coaching I provide:

Wellness Coaching
Couples Coaching
Coaching for Women in Transition
Group Coaching
Hosting workshops and retreats

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