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Mind Body Connection

Our bodies are a great resource of information. Learning how to pay attention to your body, the way you think, feel and act can guide you to a deeper understanding of the mind body connection. These cues provide you with greater insight, awareness, and clarity

Remember the first time you had to stand up in front of an audience and give a speech? You may recall that you experienced “butterflies” in your tummy. These fluttering sensations were a way of your physical body sending you a message. In this case the message was “nerves” and you probably heard it loud and clear.

Learning how to relate to bodily sensations and messages to your inner feelings and thoughts, puts you in touch with your internal source of health and wisdom. Your body expresses its own needs and often turns your thoughts into physical sensations. To teach my clients to better understand the messages of the body, I created a Live Life Coaching tool called Body Wisdom Integration which promotes body awareness, positive body image and calm.

Body Wisdom Integration (BWI) is a holistic process which teaches you how to connect your mind and body to support you as you implement the Live Life Philosophy. In our coaching relationship, you will be moving through many changes. Understanding how to adapt to change both physically and mentally promotes wellness and personal growth.

The BWI is designed to support your success and assist you to move through resistance, distractions, habits, and obstacles.

BWI will enhance and hone your body awareness. You will learn how to trust your body’s wisdom, be grounded, gain clarity and self-confidence as you implement changes in your life. The BWI offers you the opportunity to turn the unexpected into powerful outcomes and allows you to expand and grow in exciting new ways. This results in self-discovery, optimum well-being, and natural health.

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