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Live Life Women's Circle

Join us for a women's gathering and discover the joy of being a part of an intimate and trusting group of women. In a safe, compassionate, and soulful environment, connect with a loving and supportive community of women. Women’s Circles are focused on creating a small and intimate setting and include open discussion, coaching, meditation, and strategies for coping with day to day life. Each circle is designed to meet member's specific needs and concerns.
Who - Live Life Coach, Suzi April will be facilitating an ongoing Women’s Circle online and in-person in Vero Beach/Sebastian, FL. Together we inspire each other to gain clarity, step out of the chaos that can often surround us in life, grow personally and create more peaceful and positive experiences.
How - Join Life Coach, Suzi April as she facilitates the Women’s Circle in a heartfelt, safe, soulful and caring environment. Together we share our journeys as Suzi guides us in open discussion, meditation, visualizations and teaches us techniques and strategies for strengthening our mind-body connection. Learn ways to Live Life in the moment, create inner peace and be more present and focused.
Why - Now more than ever, it is our time to gather with the intention of reclaiming our personal power, pursuing our passion and purpose, and experiencing our best and highest selves. This is a chance to grow, explore, learn ways to be more grounded, present and create our way to the live the life we truly desire. 
Contact Suzi April for more information 
Phone 772-228-8361 or email [email protected]
Here’s what members are saying:
“The Women’s Circle teaches me to use the power of positive thinking in new ways. I experience clarity every day and I am able to map my way to my desires like never before. Suzi guides me how to teach myself to be more focused and successful every day.”
Connie S. CA Producer
“The Women’s Circle brings me to a higher level of consciousness. It helps me gain clarity as well as step out of the chaos that can often surround us.  Suzi’s guidance and the support of other members help me to be more   clear-headed, focused and peaceful. Using the tools we learn in the Circle I experience more clarity about a particular situation. Sometimes it is releasing something that I am holding onto that is actually interfering with my goals.  I'm a better person from participating in this group and it helps me bring more joy into my life.”
Denise H. Coach/CPA
“Suzi’s Women’s Circle is very helpful as I transition into a new living environment and lifestyle. I am learning to challenge the assumptions that I make about other peoples' behaviors, which helps me to feel much more confident in social situations. I also really appreciate the focus on body awareness and breath, which aides me in dealing with my nervousness and learning to trust my gut. The meditation and angel card readings are powerful and inspiring.”
Sarah K. Music Therapist
"Suzi April's Women's Circle has been a place of nurturing for me. She has created a safe and soulful environment for us to come together, to share our journeys and discover ways of living more full and enriching lives. I believe wholeheartedly in practicing gratitude and I am grateful for Suzi." 
Cindie E. Past Life Regression Therapist FL
“As a member of Suzi April’s Women’s Circle I am greatly inspired and motivated.  The Women's Circle enlightens me and offers me opportunities to meet and bond with a circle of women who feed off of one another, emotionally and spiritually.  It is an amazing experience, and one that I look forward to every gathering.”
Diane M. Caregiver
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