I am a compassionate certified life coach specializing in coaching clients to Live Life Open Hearted. To Live Life Open Hearted, is to live your life in an honest and joyful expression of your authentic self, rather than from a sense of guilt, obligation, or sacrifice.

I have experienced many of the same life challenges my clients have faced. I coach with empathy and sensitivity, guiding you to live mindfully, release your fears, and open yourself up to new possibilities. When you Live Life Open Hearted, your conditioned mind is no longer running you. In other words, as you listen and learn about your heart’s messages (wisdom), you are guided to connect more deeply with yourself and can fully experience your life.

Suzi April Suzi April

My passion is to guide clients to Live Life; to feel fully alive, inspired, and flowing in the moment. My commitment as a Coach is to guide you to discover your own answers by listening to your heart and trusting yourself and your heart’s wisdom. Open Hearted Coaching teaches you powerful methods for preventing your mind from becoming consumed by what bothers you. I offer a safe space to explore oneself, working with proven techniques that enhance personal growth and unlock the unconscious mind.

Body Wisdom Integration (BWI) is a transformative holistic process, which teaches you how to connect your mind and body. I developed the BWI method to support my clients in accessing and understanding the messages of their body. Through guided imagery and personalized questions, BWI works by pulling you out of your conditioned mind and guides you towards greater insight and clarity. Through this process, you can move through resistance, distractions, and obstacles that keep you from experiencing positive changes in your life.

BWI will enhance and hone your body awareness. As you learn to trust your body’s wisdom, you naturally become more confident and honest with yourself. This improves your ability to communicate and connect more deeply with others. Learn More

My coaching education has included many exceptional teachers and masters in the Coaching industry, including Bobette Reeder, Executive Business and Life Coach, Terri Levine, Guru Coach and Founder of The Coach Institute, as well as extensive training with Kathy Pike, focusing on Energy Body Awareness. Additionally, I trained with Arjuna Ardagh, author and founder of Awakening Coaching.

Graduate, Coach U 2000
Graduate, Certified Awakening Coaching Training Graduate, Certified Ideal Body Coach with Terri Levine, Founding member, CoachVille - Coach Training Program
Owner, Live Life Coach 1998 to Present
Training Director, Awakening Coaching 2009-2011
Owner, I Am The Present, Awakening Coaching 2009 - 2020
Participant in on-going classes, training, and self-development courses
Women’s Circle Facilitator 2006 - Present