The Open Hearted (OH) Guide to Your Chakras

Chakras encompass seven major energy centers in your body that influence your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. The word Chakra translates to wheel or disk and is seen as a spinning vortex of energy emanating from our spinal column.


Each Chakra, with its distinct color and element, represents a specific theme in your life. The energy we store in our Chakras is the source of our life force and vitality. These centers can be blocked, excessive with energy, or deficient and lacking in energy. Through movement, exercise, awareness, and action, we can learn to bring each energy center into balance and full power.

A center that is not in balance, may be associated with health problems, stress, physical symptoms, and energy drain. When we experience trauma or stress, the energy in one or more of our Chakras becomes blocked. That can result in losing our balance, our center, and our sense of self.

By knowing how each Chakra relates to our personal issues and becoming conscious of the beliefs and patterns that reside there, we can reframe our belief system, changing our patterns and opening to life, to ourselves and our full potential.

Chakra 7 – Crown Chakra – Consciousness, Unity with Divine


Location: Top of the head at the Crown
Color: White or mix of white light and light purple
Element: Thought and Nonthought
Theme: Consciousness and beliefs, understanding, expanded consciousness
Signs of imbalance:
Deficient - confusion, apathy, rigid / Excessive - spacey, overly intellectual, obsessively thinking
Right: To Know
Crystals: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Lepidolite, Howlite, Labradorite,
Affirmations: I Am, I Know, I Understand
Open Hearted Meditation: <3
“I connect with the Divine, my Higher Power, & Universal energy. I open myself to the beautiful stream of beaming light from this glorious high vibration energy. I bathe myself in the brilliant Universal light flowing into my body as I welcome the guidance of this connection, guiding me in all that I do and all that I am, in my highest good and the highest good of all others.”

Chakra 6 – Third Eye Seeing Physically and Intuitively

0677344001660928349.jpgLocation: Center of forehead, between the eyebrows
 Color: Indigo
Element: Light
Theme: Intuition, Awareness, Perception
Signs of Imbalance:
Deficient - no vision of life path, denial / Excessive - headaches, nightmares, difficulty concentrating
Right: To see
Crystals: Amethyst, purple fluorite, lepidolite, blue calcite  
Affirmations: I See, I Am Intuitive, I Am Aware 
Open Hearted Meditation:
I connect with my 6th energy center. This Chakra focuses on seeing with clarity and awareness both physically and intuitively (6th sense). I see clearly as I tune into my own Intuition, Mindful Awareness, and Inner Wisdom. I trust my intuition and inner wisdom and am guided by this
deeper understanding and connection within. 

Chakra 5 – Communication, Creativity


Location: Throat
Color: Sky blue
Element: Sound  
Theme: Clear communication, using one’s voice to speak inner truth
Signs of Imbalance:
Deficient - fear of speaking, shame, dishonest, lies / Excessive - arrogant, shameless, poor listening skills, loud
Right: To speak and be heard
Crystals: Sodalite, blue lace agate, lapis
Affirmations: I use my voice to speak my truth, I am a Conscious Communicator, I am creative, I am trusting
Open Hearted Meditation
Sound is the vibration and energy of this Chakra. I tune into my own voice, trusting myself and speaking my truth. I speak with Conscious Communication, Clarity, and Confidence. “May I be guided in Loving Speech, Clear and Mindful Communication and Your words, My voice.” 

Chakra 4 – Heart, Love, and Compassion


Location: Chest, Heart area
Color: Green
Element: Air                
Theme: Love unconditionally, Relationships with self and others, Compassion and Acceptance
Signs of Imbalance:
Deficient - co-dependent, poor boundaries, impatient / Excessive - lonely, shy, bitter, lack compassion
Right: To Love and be loved
Crystals: Rose quart, malachite, green calcite,
Affirmations: I Am Love, I Am Compassion, I Love 
Open Hearted Meditation:
This is the center of Love, Compassion, Contentment and Peace. Air is the element of this Chakra. I embrace myself in the flowing energy of Self- Love and Self- Compassion. I open my heart to receive all Love and Compassion that is sent to me, and I embrace All Others in the energy of Love & Compassion. May I continue to Live with Open Heartedness.

 Chakra 3 – Mental Body 

0418349001660928022.jpgLocation: Solar Plexus, 2” above navel
Theme: I stand in my Personal Power, Confidence, Strength of will
Signs of Imbalance:
Deficient - low self- esteem, passive, weak will / Excessive - blaming, resentful, explosive, controlling
To Act
Amber, Topaz, Carnelian
I Am Powerful, I Am Confident, I Am Strong
Open Hearted Meditation:
This is the center of Mental Clarity. It is here that I step into the element of Fire and stand in my own Personal Power. From this place, as my light emanates, I thrive in the energy of Self- Confidence. A bright, brilliant powerful sunlight radiates from my solar plexus. From here I am clearly able to discern, Right Action for myself and others.

Chakra 2 – Emotional Body, Sexuality

0537076001660927305.jpgLocation:  Sacral, 2” below the navel
Color: Orange
Element: Water
Theme: Accepting All feelings, emotions, sensations as they arise, pleasure,
Sign of Imbalance:
Deficient - fear of pleasure, needy, possessive, lack desire, guilty / Excessive - overly emotional, compulsive, sex addiction, overly empathetic
Right: To feel
Citrine, Sunstone, Tigers Eye, Amber, Moonstone 
My Emotions Are Balanced, I Chose to Feel Joy, I Live a Vibrant, Creative & Passionate Life 
Open Hearted Meditation:
This is the home of my Emotional Balance. I welcome ALL feelings, sensations, and emotions. As they arise, I accept all that is here with an Open Heart. Water is the element of this center and I witness the ebb and flow of all that is here. As the darker energy arises, I embrace it, with all love, compassion, breathing into the feelings with deep understanding.  With this, I commit to transforming this suffering into a gentle, loving compassionate energy, filling myself with light, love, and acceptance.

Chakra 1 – Root - Physical Body

0511405001660927273.jpgLocation: Located at base of the spine
Being grounded and present in physical body, foundation, survival, security, stability, abundance, trust
Signs of Imbalance:
Deficient - disconnected from body, self-doubt, anxious / Excessive - paranoid, greedy, avoidance, defensive, resistant
Right: To be here
Hematite, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline
I am Grounded, I am Safe, I am Abundant
Open Hearted Meditation:
This is the home of my physical body, where I connect with my sense of grounding.  
I am fully rooted and grounded in the solid foundation of the earth energy. The earth energy is a rich, vital energy, which grounds me in a strong, stable, secure foundation. This thick, dense, reddish brown energy roots me in a solid presence in my physical body. I am thriving in abundance.