Body Wisdom Integration

Your body is a great resource of information. Learning how to pay attention to your body, the way you think, feel and act can guide you to a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection. These cues provide you with a greater awareness, supporting your ability to identify and express your true feelings.

Remember the first time you had to stand up in front of an audience and give a speech? You may recall that you experienced “butterflies” in your tummy. That fluttering sensation was your physical body sending you a personal message. Perhaps it was fear, stress, anxiety… or even excitement.

Body Wisdom Integration (BWI) is a transformative holistic process, which teaches you how to connect your mind and body. I developed the BWI method to support my clients in accessing and understanding the messages of their body. Through guided imagery and personalized questions, BWI works by pulling you out of your conditioned mind and guides you towards greater insight and clarity. Through this process, you can move through resistance, distractions, and obstacles that keep you from experiencing positive changes in your life.

BWI will enhance and hone your body awareness. As you learn to trust your body’s wisdom, you naturally become more confident and honest with yourself. This improves your ability to communicate and connect more deeply with others. Our BWI sessions can be a part of your path toward self-improvement, self-love, and self-empowerment. Contact Suzi to explore.

Vicki D. Retired
“I was blown away by the immediate results of just one Body Wisdom Integration (BWI) session. Suzi guided me through a series of questions that brought both mind and body together in way that cleared a path for my resistance. The BWI process gave me strength to confront my fears and be honest with my feelings. This created the space to open my heart and address an ongoing issue with my husband in a productive and loving manner. Layers continue to unfold in positive ways as my authentic self has surfaced.”

Cindy F. Health & Wellness Coach
“As a wellness professional, it is vital that we have our own wellness resources available to us. As a yoga teacher, I have my mentors and favorite yoga teachers. As a coach, who helps others overcome their own limiting believes, obstacles and roadblocks, it’s equally important for me to have someone do the same for me.

I have been working with Suzi April, to assist me with recovery from surgery. She is teaching me how to be more patient and nurturing to myself while I am healing. Her system called Body Wisdom Integration (BWI) is a holistic process teaching how to connect your mind and body. It’s a visualization that enhances and hones awareness -helping to trust your own body’s wisdom and gain clarity so you can clear blockages and fully heal. As a coach, I have done visualization exercises with my clients, so felt familiar with the process but was BLOWN away by how quickly Suzi helped me relax and feel safe, so that I could “go deeper” into healing mode. I was free to be as vulnerable as I wanted or needed to be - she held that space for me. She helped me bring to mind some beautiful loving memories and helped me make the connection between them and my ability to recreate that love and healing for and within myself. POWERFUL stuff!!
Suzi has been doing this work for over 25 years and is one of my inspirations - she is the REAL DEAL.”

Marisa N. Manager Nature Preserve
“Suzi’s coaching has transformed my life incredibly. Learning how to make decisions using my body’s wisdom (BWI) was life changing and is a ‘tool’ I continue to use today. I value the work we do and the ‘tools’ I learned from Suzi as the most valuable investment I’ve ever made in myself. We all want to live the life we’ve dreamed, and we can actually be taught how to get there. She is truly in-tune as a coach and is a wonderful guide for your personal life journey. I completely recommend working with Suzi if you are looking to create the life you want. She has impacted my life forever.”