Open Hearted Coaching 

The foundation of Open Hearted Coaching is grounded in the principle of being present. This mindful state provides access to your heart’s inner wisdom. Guiding you out of your conditioned mind and into a deeper sense of consciousness, you begin to experience a greater sense of calm & clarity. Open Hearted Coaching teaches you to Live Life in a new way. As you learn how to tap into your intuition, you feel a greater sense of happiness and compassion for yourself and others.

When you listen and tune in fully, your heart opens. You are no longer distracted by negative thoughts and energy. Your sense of awareness and confidence naturally radiates. As you connect with your open heart and allow yourself to trust your intuition, you experience pure love and absolute joy. A richness to your life unfolds as you discover your true self.

Coaching sessions are designed to meet your personal and individual needs. We will discuss what success looks like for you and build a strategy to accomplish those goals. Periodically, I will give you assignments to help direct your progress. Each session builds on the previous one as we explore alternate perspectives, acknowledge obstacles, and celebrate victories.

Coaching sessions are available in person in Vero Beach, Sebastian, Fort Pierce, Florida Ridge and surrounding Indian River County areas, by telephone or on virtual Zoom platform. To explore the possibilities or learn more, Contact Suzi.

Sarah K. Music Therapist
“I found coaching with Suzi to be extremely helpful as I transitioned into a new living environment and lifestyle. Through coaching with Suzi, I learned to challenge the assumptions that I was making about other peoples' behaviors, helping me to feel much more confident in social situations. I also really appreciated the focus on body awareness and breath, which aided me in dealing with my nervousness and learning to trust my gut. The meditation and angel cards at the end of the session were powerful and inspiring, and quite miraculously, they were usually right on target! Perhaps the best tool in the kit, however, is that fact that Suzi cares deeply for the process and the people she coaches.”

Mary B-Nonprofit Administrator
“Suzi encourages me, when faced with life's difficulties, trying situations or misunderstandings, to step back, breathe and pause as she guides me to recognize my own inner strength and abilities to cope. In practice, this guidance to step back, breathe and pause has brought a calming sense of peace to my life. This not only helps me in coping better, but to let go of an issue when it is the wisest thing to do. This has given me the gift of living life with a more open heart, especially toward others.”

Elizabeth A. Healer
“Suzi has introduced me to techniques and achievable exercises that inspire me to be my best self and to live open-hearted every single day. Suzi has a gift that has impacted my life in a way that is powerful, peaceful, and empowering.”

Marisa N. Reflexologist Therapist
“Coaching with Suzi has changed my life and has given me tools for me to continue to change, evaluate, and improve my life.  After several months of coaching, my life changed: I met and eventually married the man of my dreams, changed careers to something I am passionate about, and moved to a beautiful location. Open Hearted Coaching helped me get through obstacles and negative beliefs that kept me stuck and taught me how to embrace life & to grow personally. Suzi is truly gifted, and I can easily say she is an amazing coach.” 

Carey T. Business Owner
“Living an open-hearted life is an ongoing journey and I have learned so many skills to help myself do so. Life has many challenges and having the tools available that I have learned from Suzi has made life so much easier and better. I practice many of the skills every day.”

Marcy D. Admin
“I'm a "reactor". When I get stressed or emotionally upset - I react. Most times, I "over-react".
Coaching with Suzi, gives me effective tools I can use to shift from "react" to "respond" so I can be more mindful, present, and openhearted. Working with Suzi makes me feel heard, accepted, and understood in a way I've never felt with a traditional therapist. Her guidance helps me get "out of my head" and into my heart so I can be the best version of myself and love myself more. She is a true Angel, and I am so thankful for her coaching."