Couples Coaching In Vero Beach, FL

The guidelines for Open Hearted Relationship Coaching (OHRC) are two willing
people who want to and are committed to working things out. It’s not about criticizing
and complaining, it’s about the shared desire to enhance your relationship and grow
together in conscious communication.

As a relationship coach, I teach individuals, couples, and family members vital skills
for relating. These include conflict resolution skills, teaching boundaries, practicing
vulnerability, and increasing empathy.

When you start to explore your relationship triggers, you begin to understand how the
stories, obstacles, fears, and distractions cloud your ability to see clearly. These
insights create a pathway for relating and communicating to others with honesty and
compassion. Learning to embrace the differing points of view, you refine your
communication skills to really listen and pay attention in a new and powerful way.

The Key Components of OHRC are:

  • Open Hearted Communication: Feeling safe to be able to communicate freely and openly begins with AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING of yourself. Identifying what’s going on for you personally, what beliefs are running you, and why negative reactions are triggered, is critical. With this clarity, you can then share with the other person to help them better understand what you are experiencing.
  • Listening fully: Being present and Listening to the other person, free of judgement or internal commentary, allows us to fully HEAR without distraction, validating what is being shared. 
  • Feeling heard: When we feel Heard, there is a greater sense of understanding and acceptance, building mutual CONFIDENCE and TRUST.
  • Conflict Resolution: Developing communication skills to relate to one another and embrace the differing points of view with COMPASSION and ACCEPTANCE and most importantly, learning how to use these understandings to best support your partner and your relationship.
  • Trust: Building trust is the foundation of a strong and sustainable relationship. It increases a sense of safety, allowing you to be courageously vulnerable, enhancing closeness and comfort, allowing for a deeper connection.

OHRC requires a commitment to action-oriented steps to create a shift and break through old patterns, behaviors, and reactions. 

It’s not about blaming, pointing fingers or venting. An openness to real time feedback
allows an objective window into understanding how your attitude and behavior impacts others.

When we recognize that we are each coming from our own perspective based on our
personal experience, we can step back and observe both sides. In relationships,
perspectives can greatly differ. By seeing that there is nothing more than two
opinions, two diverse points of view, there can be a shift from feeling threatened to
opening to new possibilities with clarity and openness.  

OHRC are 75-minute sessions and are available in person or on Zoom.
Fee $155 per 75-minute session.

For more information please Contact Suzi.

Marcy D. Cancer Survivor & Warrior 

“I have had great results from individual coaching with Suzi, so when my sister and I were having issues that we could not work through ourselves, I contacted her. Suzi suggested a relationship coaching session with my sister.

With just one session, we both had an awakening! Suzi’s guidance and coaching helped us to focus on the issue at hand in a compassionate and loving way. We were able to really “hear” each other and communicate on a higher level, something we had never been able to do. Suzi created a safe space that allowed us to feel comfortable expressing ourselves. I finally could understand my sister’s perspective and she could recognize mine. I think my entire family would benefit from a session like that.    

There is nothing better than opening your heart and soul to the coaching that Suzi so beautifully and passionately provides.  She’s a Godsend and I feel so very blessed to be able to work with her!”