Single Session Coaching is an ideal approach to spotlight and explore one specific issue with focused support.

Do you have a specific challenge or decision to make personally or professionally? Is there a particular problem you'd like some help solving? Perhaps you feel depleted, unmotivated, or just stuck.

A single coaching session can act like a “Refresh Button” without the commitment to long term coaching.

Often, a fresh and objective perspective on a specific issue can propel you to gain clarity, insight and find new solutions.

About Single Session Coaching

Each session is 75-minutes of laser focused one on one coaching, designed to explore a specific
subject or challenge. 

Sessions are collaborative and geared towards empowering you to get out of your head and tap into your authentic self.

Every session is hand tailored with powerful tools, strategies, and techniques to help break
down barriers that get in the way of your success.

Single Session Coaching Details

75-minute sessions are available by phone, Zoom or in person in Vero Beach, Sebastian and surrounding Indian River County areas.

Your investment $155

*Schedule NOW and receive a complimentary 7-day follow up.
One week of text/email support to maximize the benefits of our session.

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“Recently, I was moving through a transitional time in my life and simply feeling “in limbo.” In
the 75-minute Single Session I had with Suzi, she coached me to uncover such deep insights and I experienced many “aha” moments. It was profound! After working with Suzi just once, I felt a huge shift in my energy, and I am happy to report that I am implementing the exercises she gave me daily. What Suzi brings to her coaching sessions is an ability to hold the energy field with full compassion, so moving forward into better habits becomes effortless. I’m so grateful that she was available with such short notice when I really needed it.”

Katherine P. Artist

“I had begun an art project but was feeling unfocused and stuck - the creative process can be fickle. After one session with Suzi, I felt motivated, positive, and excited to move forward with my work. I was impressed by how well she listened and really HEARD me. She was able to pinpoint what was holding me back and helped me set up steps to take towards my goal. The Single Session Coaching option, with its "as needed" approach, works perfectly for me.”

Vicky B. Editor

“What an amazing experience! I am generally clear-headed and motivated but had been feeling foggy and disengaged for a few days. I thought I had figured out what was going on and assumed the fuzziness would clear, but a week later it was still there. Blown away by my first Single Session with Suzi a month earlier, I was inspired to schedule another one. Once again, with Suzi's prompting and use of visualization, layers of insights and emotions were peeled away, ultimately getting to the root of what was really going on for me. My brain fog lifted, and my energy returned almost immediately. Suzi has an incredible gift for homing in on the truth within us. For me, Single Session Coaching is the best bang for my buck without having to commit to ongoing life coaching.”