Christina W. Clinical Trial Project Manager 
“If you are looking for someone to help guide you to find yourself again, look no further. Whatever your personal need, Suzi is an extremely knowledgeable coach who will gently push you to find your full potential. She coaches with time tested tools and wisdom to help guide you to find the life you yearn for and deserve!”

Ally T. Records Manager
“I have been working with Suzi for less than a year now, and I am so thankful to have met her! It is nearly impossible to describe how much Suzi has changed my perspective and how I see everything in my life. She has opened my eyes to ways that I can grow and learn which I never knew were possible, and it has been life changing. Suzi is smart, talented, and understanding; she goes above and beyond for her clients. I would highly recommend her both for couples work and individual growth. Thank you, Suzi!”

Zachary G. Actor 
“Suzi is a wonderful coach! Both empathetic and incredibly down to Earth, she's always there to guide you on a healthier path towards acceptance and loving yourself. Highly recommend :)”

Jeannie C. Coach/Writer
“Suzi is a powerful coach/inspirational force - she intuitively gets to the heart of the matter and does so in such a loving, accepting, and compassionate way. I am so thankful for the time that we have spent together.  Insights pop. The heart is touched. New openings unfold.”

Michelle C. Financial Analyst 
“I truly believe I was meant to cross paths with Suzi, and I am so grateful I did. She shared the gift of open heartedness that I will cherish for the rest of my life. What she has shared with me, I share with my loved ones, hoping that they will share it with theirs. She is such a positive and impactful person in my life, and I truly believe she is the reason I am in the headspace/position I am today. I couldn't have done it without her.”

Janet K. Cosmetologist
“The best part of life coaching is my coach...Suzi April. I have the freedom to speak from my heart and express my emotions without being judged. Sometimes just a talk and looking at views or emotions in a different way makes everything better. I would be lost without her. Thank you, Suzi, my forever Life Coach and friend. “

Alesia C. Healer
“I don't even have words to describe Suzi. We met by chance, and she has forever changed my life. Working with Suzi has helped me in ways I would have never thought possible before. I was struggling through some of the darkest days of my life when I first started seeing Suzi, today I feel whole for the first time in years and years. There aren't adequate enough words to describe what Suzi has done for me." 

Denise H. Coach/CPA
“Coaching with Suzi brings me to a higher level of consciousness.  As a coach myself, this is extremely important in helping my clients.  It helps me gain clarity as well as step out of the chaos that can often surround us.  Working with Suzi helps me to be more clear-headed, focused, and peaceful.  I also find that I get whatever I need in every session, and it is often not what I thought I needed.  Sometimes it is more clarity about a particular situation and sometimes it is releasing something that I am holding onto that is interfering with my goals.  I am a better person from working with Suzi as she helps me bring more joy into my life.  I would highly recommend hiring Suzi as a coach.”

Cara M. Enterprise Business Development at Vimeo
“Coaching with Suzi has enriched my life with life-long tools and practices. I endlessly find value in meeting with her weekly to improve my goals and aspirations. Her keen insight and unique ability to comprehend my story has helped me grow personally and professionally. Suzi is extraordinary and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a strong support system.”

Cindy F. Health & Wellness Coach
“As a wellness professional, it is vital that we have our own wellness resources available to us. As a yoga teacher, I have my mentors and favorite yoga teachers. As a coach, who helps others overcome their own limiting believes, obstacles and roadblocks, it’s equally important for me to have someone do the same for me.
I have been working with Suzi April, to assist me with recovery from surgery. She is teaching me how to be more patient and nurturing to myself while I am healing. Her system called Body Wisdom Integration (BWI) is a holistic process teaching how to connect your mind and body. It’s a visualization that enhances and hones awareness -helping to trust your own body’s wisdom and gain clarity so you can clear blockages and fully heal. As a coach, I have done visualization exercises with my clients, so felt familiar with the process but was BLOWN away by how quickly Suzi helped me relax and feel safe, so that I could “go deeper” into healing mode. I was free to be as vulnerable as I wanted or needed to be - she held that space for me. She helped me bring to mind some beautiful loving memories and helped me make the connection between them and my ability to recreate that love and healing for and within myself. POWERFUL stuff!!
Suzi has been doing this work for over 25 years and is one of my inspirations - she is the REAL DEAL.”

Karen F. Marketing
“Coaching with Suzi was the greatest gift I've ever given myself. Suzi came into my life at a pivotal time and provided me with tools that I'll use for a lifetime. She taught me to practice active gratitude, the skills to stop, breathe, and ask meaningful self-reflective questions, and the ability to love myself. Suzi allowed me to see the importance of personal goal setting and reminded me to be kind and forgiving with myself. Suzi and I were (and will forever be) in a partnership and on an active path toward peace and happiness together. She helped me gain visibility into my true self, allowing me to follow my heart, even at the most challenging of times. I'm forever grateful for Suzi.”

Tom F. Retired Police Officer
“When I met Suzi, I was in a very angry place. She helped me find the things that angered me, namely family. She helped me learn to place boundaries and helped me find out it is ok to say no. She also guided me to be comfortable with who I am, and this has made me a much stronger person. The most important thing is, I have found a person I can trust, who will not judge, and helps me understand and guide me to solutions.”

Barbara R. Musician
“Suzi April is Empathetic, Kind and Worldly. She will hold your hand, make herself available when necessary, and help you to grow. In short, she is a gift to humanity.”

Deborah W. Editor
“Suzi is a very intuitive and compassionate coach. She is patient, a careful listener, and has always made wise suggestions to help me bring about the change I’ve wanted in my life. She definitely helped me through some rough spots! She can help you get “unstuck”. I highly recommend Suzi April.”

Lisa M. MRI Supervisor
"I knew I was in a place that made me feel ‘stuck’ and not feeling ‘joy’ for a period of time. I knew I needed guidance and tools to help navigate through the ‘muck’ I’ve created and held on to. After my first session, and for the ones that followed, I realized I have the power to really shift my thoughts and behaviors towards grounding, appreciation, and authentic presence. Each session is organic, and moves in a way I’m not always aware, but soon evolves into a clear moment where I can look at myself through a different lens as an observer. Suzi brings the most amazing insight, giving me tools and skills, I use on a daily basis. The transformation is amazing! The shift in energy is so powerful and takes less effort than you may think. Suzi is truly a healer."  

Marcy D. Cancer Survivor & Warrior
“I have had great results from individual coaching with Suzi, so when my sister and I were having issues that we could not work through ourselves, I contacted her. Suzi suggested a relationship coaching session with my sister.

With just one session, we both had an awakening! Suzi’s guidance and coaching helped us to focus on the issue at hand in a compassionate and loving way. We were able to really “hear” each other and communicate on a higher level, something we had never been able to do. Suzi created a safe space that allowed us to feel comfortable expressing ourselves. I finally could understand my sister’s perspective and she could recognize mine. I think my entire family would benefit from a session like that. 
There is nothing better than opening your heart and soul to the coaching that Suzi so beautifully and passionately provides.  She’s a Godsend and I feel so very blessed to be able to work with her!”